Inheritance & Familie Law

In order to round off the portfolio Schalast is offering legal services in private and personal matters:

National and international family law

We advise, support and represent our private clients before and during marriage and same-sex partnership in case of separation, divorce and cancellation agreements and their consequences.

We offer advisory service and representation in all national and international family matters and proceedings as

  • marriage contracts, consequences of divorce agreements and partnership contracts
  • divorce proceedings
  • maintenance proceedings
  • marital property law proceedings
  • filiation proceedings
  • adoption proceedings
  • marital home and household proceedings
  • other family matters regarding proprietary compensation claims between fiancées, spouses, life partners, parents-child-relationship


Law of succession

We offer advisory service in inheritance planning for

  • testament and inheritance contracts
  • Contracts to avoid conflicts/ beneficiary of the compulsory portion/ donation contract/anticipated inheritance
  • precautionary powers and living wills
  • inheritance tax law advice
  • inheritance law with a foreign connection
  • certificate of executorship

We offer advisory service in all inheritance proceedings in case of succession for

  • representation in extrajudicial and judicial inheritance disputes
  • challenging a will / execution of a will
  • advice and support of communities of heirs
  • enforcement of and defence against claims to compulsory portion and claims for an augmented compulsory portion