Celebrities and other public figures

Celebrities, athletes, musicians, actors, influencers, politicians, board members and other prominent figures - i.e. public figures - are in the headlines and therefore exposed to very different situations than private individuals. An ill-considered post on social media channels can make big waves and quickly lead to hostility. Untrue reporting or illegally produced film and photo recordings can also cause lasting damage to the honor and reputation of public figures.

For many years, we have represented celebrities from all areas of public life in all legal matters and know how to defend themselves against such infringements of rights and damage to their reputation - both out of court and in court. Because lawsuits themselves create a new public sphere, we have also built up a network of competent advisors with whose support this new public sphere can be exploited and reputational damage prevented.

Social media

In addition to traditional media such as print, TV and radio, social media are increasingly shaping our everyday media life - they have even spawned new professions. Influencers use their strong reach and high reputation there to market products, services or even lifestyles. Celebrities and public figures are also using their presence on social media to tap into new sponsorship opportunities or exert political influence.

Retailers and manufacturing and service companies are increasingly turning to influencer marketing. However, with the increased reach and the publicity that comes with it, competitors are looking particularly closely - sponsored posts, product placements and similar marketing concepts can quickly result in warnings. In addition to the actual marketing activities, it is also important to design profile pages, content, and agency and cooperation agreements in a legally compliant manner. So there is a lot to consider.

How can Schalast support celebrities and other public figures?

We can look back on many years of expertise in celebrity consulting; our clientele includes numerous music creators, TV chefs as well as other celebrities, but also owners of several national and international large social media accounts.

We never lose sight of the entrepreneurial perspective of our clients: we advise, accompany and design holistically. As a commercial law firm, this is a matter of course for us.

We are aware that personal advice and relationships with our clients are extremely important, especially in the sensitive area of celebrity consulting. Therefore, we ensure that the contact person always remains the same, if desired, even when providing advice in other areas (e.g. employment law, corporate law or the notary's office)!

Schalast advises celebrities and other public figures on the following topics, among others:

- Labeling and information obligations on social media
- Infringements of personality rights by print media and Internet publications
- The protection of one's own image and name
- Reputation management in the event of insults, negative reporting and negative evaluations in forums, social networks and other websites
- Review of activities in social networks with regard to admissibility under competition and advertising law
- In trademark, copyright and design law
- Agency and cooperation agreements between celebrities, manufacturers and retailers
- Warning notice protection, e.g. due to non-disclosure of advertising or copyright infringements
- Organization of sweepstakes
- For contracts in the area of film, TV, social media and press
- Company formation, e.g. founding your start-up company
- Management of litigation in all of the above areas