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Dr. Jörg Keibel

Attorney | Of Counsel

Jörg Keibel is Of Counsel and consults in the areas of NPL transactions, Banking & Finance and M&A.


Jörg Keibel, born in Lübeck, studied law at der Christian-Albrecht-University in Kiel. With a thesis out of product liability law he received the Ph.D. for law. After completion of the law examination he worked in the law firms Dr. Lauprecht and Partners and Dres. Ruge, Purrucker and Makowski in Kiel. Afterwards he was for seven years Head of the Legal Department at OTTO-Group in Hamburg, responsible for all M&A activities of the OTTO-Group and the real estate section worldwide. After several years as managing director Finance and Marketing at World Wide Fund for Nature Germany in Frankfurt, he was appointed managing director of some companies of OTTO-Group's daughter company EOS Solutions. With keeping focus on the NPL transaction business he was then active at Arvato InFoScore Baden- Baden and for 13 years for the Swedish stock-listed company Hoist Finance in Duisburg.

Jörg Keibel was for several years Head of Board of the German Credit Buyer Association and is Co-Head of Board of the German Loan Market Standards Association. He acts as member representative at Bankenfachverband, International Bankers Forum and the German Credit Buyer Association in Berlin.

Further Jörg Keibel is lecturer at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management for the M&A Study.


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