Schalast | Yeghaneh Salamati-Ditz

In the dynamic working environment at Schalast, there are many opportunities for young lawyers to pursue personal and professional development. Yeghaneh Salamati-Ditz can testify to this not only from her own experience, but also from her work as a representative.

The Corporate / M&A Practice Group

Yeghaneh Salamati-Ditz is an attorney in the Corporate / M&A practice group. The M&A team can assist clients - whether they are founders, family entrepreneurs or investors - with the entire buying and selling process. The team also provides advice on sales in the context of bidding processes, joint ventures, and liquidations. The companies the team advises come from a wide range of industries, and can be large or small as well as international or national in scope.

In addition to her work in the Corporate / M&A team, Yeghaneh also works in Schalast's Notary Office. Yeghaneh reports that in this area she deals particularly frequently with international clients, for example from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, China and the USA. Many of the mandates arise through the international law firm network Multilaw, of which Schalast is a member. Yeghaneh says that there is always an immediate sense of belonging when working with Multilaw colleagues. The Multilaw network gives Schalast the feel of an international law firm - without losing the familiarity of a medium-sized firm. This is one of the things that makes Schalast the ideal law firm for young professionals.



As We.Do.Careers. representative at Schalast, Yeghaneh acts as the contact person for career starters at Schalast, both externally and internally. She is the face for press inquiries and surveys on the topic of young lawyers and represents Schalast at career fairs. Internally, she looks after the research assistants, trainee lawyers and young lawyers. For them, Yeghaneh is one of the first points of contact when they start working at Schalast.

What Yeghaneh particularly appreciates about her role as Career Representative is that she can experience the motivation of the new generation of lawyers and gain new impulses for her own work this way. However, the new perspective of the junior staff not only enriches her work, but also enables the entire Schalast team to continuously evolve themselves and the firm.

Yeghaneh is also the initiator of the Competence Lunches, which were created for the continuing education of our lawyers. At the lunches, trainees and research associates in particular give presentations on current topics and are thus integrated even more closely into the firm-wide network.


Continuing education at Schalast

Continuing education is important to Schalast not only at the Competence Lunches, but there are also many other opportunities for individual career development. Yeghaneh took this opportunity and decided to study for a Master's degree at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. She successfully completed the LL.M Mergers & Acquisitions in 2023, further deepening her knowledge in the field of her practice group. Apart from LL.Ms, it’s also possible to pursue doctorates or MBAs, such as the one currently being pursued by Simon Waldbröl from the Banking & Finance team. Yeghaneh emphasizes that Schalast promotes a firm-wide culture of continuous education and growth. Opportunities for further qualification are therefore open not only to the lawyers, but to all employees.


Why Schalast?

For Yeghaneh, there are numerous reasons why she chose Schalast. Apart from the qualification opportunities, she sees a big advantage in the fact that she was given a lot of responsibility right from the beginning of her work and that she quickly had direct contact with clients. Thus, at Schalast, even young lawyers have excellent opportunities to contribute. Overall, the firm has a vibrant community of young lawyers in which Yeghaneh feels very comfortable. She believes that Schalast is also the right size for a law firm because it is large enough to take on exciting assignments and the mandates of larger firms, yet is familiar enough that individual development can be lived as a basic principle of the firm.