Schalast is determined to make a difference by supporting the UN Goals for Sustainable Development (SDG).

This is why we are continuously working on our own sustainability standards as a firm. Some of the goals that we are already supporting include quality education; gender equality; decent work and economic growth, sustainable cities and communities, as well as climate action.

What is more, we aim to use our function as an intermediary to increasingly promote the SDG and contribute to the achievement of these goals. 

We recognize our special role as professional service firm: Through our legal consulting, we spread the purpose of the SDGs and we can make a real impact on their implementation in corporate structures and cultures. 

We take on the chance to support the SDG in our double role as a firm in our right and as intermediary to make a difference to our economy and society. 

Please reach out, if you have any questions concerning our goals or how our legal advice might help your company to make a difference.


Your contact

Asha Meon

Attorney | SDG Officer

Asha Meon is the SDG Officer responsible for promoting and monitoring the implementation of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the law firm.
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Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast

Global Chair of the new Multilaw Environment & Sustainability Committee

We are honoured that Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast, Schalast founder and Managing Partner, will act as the Global Chair of the new Multilaw Environment & Sustainability Committee. The overall goal of the committee is to help member firms achieve their sustainability goals and the goals of their customers, while raising the profile of sustainability issues as a network. Led by Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast, each of the committee members will add great value in guiding the network’s sustainability initiatives going forward.



The Climate Neutral Now Initiative

Schalast is part of "The Climate Neutral Now Initiative", which is part of several initiatives launched by the UNFCCC secretariat to increase climate action by engaging non-Party stakeholders (sub-national governments, companies, organizations, individuals). It was launched in 2015 based on a mandate to promote the voluntary use of carbon market mechanisms recognized under the Convention.   



We are pleased to be named once again as a "recommended firm" in the third Legal500 EMEA Green Guide.

As our founder and Managing Director, Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast, points out: “The Legal500 EMEA Green Guide recognition is a great achievement for us, as it recognizes and builds on the sustainability initiatives we have taken throughout our history as a firm.”

Climate-Neutral Company

Schalast was certified as a climate-neutral company in March 2020. You can find the certificate here. The previous audit showed that good to very good values were achieved, particularly in the areas of electricity consumption, commuting and business trips. Climate Extender's recommendations for introducing a job bike and converting the vehicle fleet to more e-mobility are already being implemented.


Schalast is also receiving support from Multilaw, its Tier 1 network, which for the first time announced a sustainability award for members in 2020 and which is itself striving to become the leading “Green Law Firm Network.” 


The content of this website has not been approved by the United Nations and does not reflect the views of the United Nations or its officials or Member States. Here you can find the original United Nations Development Goals web site.