Schalast | Corporate / M&A

Corporate transaction and company law issues have played a key role in the advisory practice of Schalast since its establishment in 1995. 

The members of our “Corporate / M&A” practice group have many years of experience in the management of complex M&A processes. In some cases, they have their own experience in managing companies.  Some of them  have also worked for many years as advisors to the supervisory board of listed and unlisted companies and therefore have practical experience as members of such bodies.

This experience and legal know-how has enable us to advise both SMEs and large companies successfully for many years on M&A and private equity transactions, as well as corporations and partnerships nationally and internationally on all company law issues.

In the field of "Venture Capital", we have many years of experience in managing various processes in the life cycle of a start-up, from its foundation, through early and late stage financing, to exit, and have a broad network of investors (business angels, accelerators, incubators and VCs).

Our advice services in the practice area “Corporate / M&A” include the following:

  • Advising on the selection of the optimum company form
  • Reducing liability risks
  • Advising on the purchase and sale of companies (e.g. pre-sale processes)
  • Legal due diligence (e.g. vendor due diligence)
  • Contractual documentation
  • Antitrust law advice
  • Advice with respect to supervisory and regulatory authorities
  • Organisation and management of proceedings and inclusion of external specialists


  • Pre- and post-restructuring of companies and holdings/consortium agreements
  • Post-merger integration
  • Advising and supporting the target company during investment
  • Advice on integrated financing processed
  • Advice on non-performing loans
  • Advising management team in MBO&MBI situations
  • Designing and implementing management participation schemes


Personal project management is ensured with one responsible partner who puts together a team of experts specifically for your individual case. If issues involving several areas of law arise, we involved our colleagues from the relevant practice group. Where cross-border issues are involved, we collaborate with our colleagues from the international network Multilaw.

Our advice focus in the area of Venture Capital:

  •  Advice on the choice of the optimal corporate form up to the start-up process
  • Setting up (virtual) employee participation programs in startups
  • Advising VC investors and/or startups and supporting financing processes, be it via convertible loans or equity investments in the various growth phases (from pre-seed stage to growth stage)
  • Advising investors on the acquisition of investments in the context of financing rounds, including legal due diligence
  • Advice on venture debt