Schalast | Audit & Advisory

The Audit & Advisory practice group (Schalast Auerbach AG WPG) supplements legal consulting from Schalast with practical consulting on regulatory, organizational, and accounting-related questions, as well as auditing of annual and interim financial statements and special audits. We are able to provide our clients with comprehensive and pragmatic expertise, thanks to our many years of experience in the financial sector, both as auditors and as consultants at national and international institutions.

In addition to BaFin and EZB supervised credit institutions, financial services and securities institutions, our clients also include companies in the real estate sector. This allows us to maintain an overview for you of the individual institutional requirements that must be fulfilled both today and in the future.

 Our focal areas - consulting

Accounting-related services

Consulting on accounting for individual matters and preparing accounting handbooks 

Structure / process organization

Designing and analyzing processes and internal controls, and implementation in written regulations 

Strategy, restructuring, and transactions

Consulting on capital measures; carry out due diligence; structuring; Optimization; permit applications; bank founding; capital planning

Regulatory reporting and governance

Consulting on individual matters; Preparing and submitting notifications; Optimizing reporting processes; Preparing and conducting quality assurance for specialist concepts

Transfer of expertise
Clarifying specialist questions; outsourcing partner;
Committee advising; expert opinions; quality assurance; training

 Our focal areas - auditing

annual and interim financial statements

Voluntary and mandatory audits

Internal auditing

Support for internal auditing

BaFin / EZB special audits

Carrying out audits for supervisory authorities; Supporting audited institutions

Special audits
for the supervisory board and management

Certifications for regulatory and other purposes
For special assets according to the CRR; ESG certifications;
Purchasing verifications for ZAG-regulated companies