We provide comprehensive legal guidance to a diverse range of clients in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and life sciences sectors, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, mid-sized medtech companies, food start-ups, hospitals, medical care centres, medical practices, pharmacies, investors, banks, and public entities. Our expertise spans pharmaceutical, medical and food law, along with related legal disciplines, ensuring that all stakeholders receive tailored, expert advice on complex regulatory matters.

Our advisory focus:

      • Digital Health
      • Medical devices
      • Pharma & Innovation
      • Medical liability law
      • Healthcare compliance
      • Food and nutritional supplements
      • M&A in Healthcare & Life Sciences
      • IP strategies & protection
      • Competition & Advertising


Medtech, pharma and biotech represent the forefront of innovation, driving the development of new and transformative products, processes and technologies. This industry is subject to stringent regulations and increasingly complex legal frameworks. To stand out from established competitors, companies and start-ups require agile and forward-thinking partners to navigate the complexities of product approval and distribution. This is particularly true for addressing legal challenges, underscoring the need for adept legal expertise to facilitate market entry and compliance.

In the dynamic intersection of innovation and regulation, speed and a strategic marketing approach are essential. Particularly for companies and start-ups, legal advisors experienced in rapid go-to-market strategies are vital, playing a crucial role in legally guiding the launch and ongoing refinement of “prototypes”.


Our MEDTECH Expertise

We assess our clients’ needs to challenge traditional models and, where suitable, replace them with modern, innovative solutions. Through close collaboration with all stakeholders, we design legal frameworks that enhance the usability and customer experience of their products. In a highly regulated market, it is crucial that innovative products are comprehensible and tangible for our clients’ customers.

Our firm provides comprehensive advice and representation across all practice groups to clients in the Healthcare & Life Science sector, especially in the following areas:

Labour law

Together with our labour law team, we support our clients at the interface of individual labour law and collective bargaining law:

Individual labour law:

  • Classification and level assignment of nursing staff, doctors and employees in functional services
  • Recovery of overpayments
  • Transfers
  • Termination of employment and employment relationships
  • Dealing with employees with impaired performance

Collective bargaining law:

  • Co-determination of duty rosters
  • Negotiation of company agreements, e.g. on working time organisation/duty scheduling, overload notifications, health protection
  • Substitution of consent for hiring, transfers and reclassifications
  • Restructuring: Closure of wards, departments or divisions
  • Outsourcing of secondary and tertiary areas
  • Co-determination support for digitalisation projects

Learn more about the “Labour Law” practice group

Banking & Finance

Working alongside our Banking & Finance team, we assist clients at the intersection of the financial ecosystem and healthcare sector. We provide robust financing structures and solutions, focusing on:

  • financing strategies for companies and investors at the intersection between banking and venture capital
  • regulatory matters, such as payment solutions (including invisible payments)
  • supply chain financing and intuitive payment solutions for B2B relationships
  • effective cash management (liquidity management) and receivables management to prevent payment defaults

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Our Energy team also offers specialised legal support to clients in the healthcare and life science sectors, focusing on:

  • legal support for energy concepts for production and sales
  • guidance on energy procurement, dynamic consumption management and control benefits
  • integration of smart home technologies and digitalised tools

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We possess extensive experience in litigation and arbitration, including in international cases. Our firm advises both German and international clients from the healthcare and life science sectors, managing everything from in-depth investigations of complex commercial matters to the successful advocacy of their interests, both in and out of court.

In collaboration with our partner firms in the international Multilaw network, we frequently handle cross-border legal proceedings across various jurisdictions, before both state and institutional courts as well as international arbitral tribunals.



Membership in the international Multilaw network allows us to provide our clients with seamless cross-border legal advice from a single source. Multilaw comprises over 90 premier law firms across key jurisdictions, featuring more than 11,000 internationally trained lawyers in over 100 countries.

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