Schalast | Notary Practice

Providing notary services is a further focus of the law firm. Our notaries advise – as a company, entrepreneur or private individual – on all legal issues requiring notarisation, in particular on issues relating to

  • company law, such has the incorporation of corporations and partnerships, the execution of corporate action measures, the restructuring of corporate groups, in particular in accordance with the German Transformation Act (mergers, demergers, conversion of legal form etc.) and the documentation of general meetings
  • company purchase and sale agreements in the form of a share deal or asset deal (if notarisation is required)
  • real estate law, such as real estate purchase agreements, residential property purchase agreements, measures under the German Residential Property Act, in particular partition deeds and property development agreements
  • non-performing-loan transactions and
  • company succession provisions

Although our notaries hold public office and are therefore obliged to maintain absolute neutrality towards the parties involved, because they also work as lawyers they see themselves as service providers to the parties involved who support them achievement of their objectives. Our notaries do not just read out the drafts prepared by our lawyers. We see it as an integral part of the services we offer that we solve your legal problems and if needed prepare the required draft contracts even in complex cases.