Schalast | Automotive

Schalast has for many years successfully advised various companies in the automotive sector. These in particular include international manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and dealer associations, as well as automotive banks and (group-owned) leasing companies.  

The advice provided by Schalast in the automotive sector is not limited to individual issues. Schalast offers a comprehensive range of advice services which cover the entire life cycle of such companies, i.e. from incorporation, development and distribution of products to a possible exit. 

Schalast in particular advises companies in the automotive sector in the following areas:

  • General (national and international) company and corporate group law, in particular in connection with the establishment and/or reorganisation of corporate structure
  • Corporation financing, in particular in connection with (re-)financing in the form of bonds, securitisations etc.
  • Advising general managers, directors and advisory boards
  • Commercial contracts, supplier, logistics and distribution agreements, paying particular attention to antitrust law issues
  • Sale law liability and product liability issues
  • Purchase and sale of companies in connection with a (planned) exit or in the form of a buy-and-build strategy as part of a company expansion
  • Issues relating to IT/IP, data protection and compliance, as well as individual and collective employment law
  • Company law organisational issues, in particular also in view of the regulations of the German Banking Act, the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) and other regulatory legislation
  • International company law organisational issues
  • Employment law issues, in particular relation to banking supervisory law issues, for example due to the German Bank Remuneration Regulation
  • International company law organisational issues;
  • Labor law issues, especially with a view to banking supervisory issues, such as against the background of the Regulation on the German Supervisory Requirements for Institutions’ Remuneration Systems (Institutsvergütungsverordnung)
      • Complex issues relating to competition law and the law of public statements
          • Issues relating to data protection and compliance;
          • Legal regulations in connection with IT systems, in particular also with respect to contract drafting in observance of regulatory requirements and the administrative practice of supervisory authorities
          • Issues relating to various high-value objects provided as collateral, in particular real estate, aeroplanes and ships
          • Dispute resolution, whether in disputes between various banks or with other third parties before all state and institutional courts and (also international) arbitration courts, in particular before banking supervisory authorities as well
          • Projects in connection with companies which provide (often web-based) banking and insurance-related services and use such business models (“ FinTech companies”)