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Prof. Joachim Ritter von Strobl-Albeg

Attorney | Partner

Joachim Ritter von Strobl-Albeg is partner at the Stuttgart office. The main focus of his legal work is on advising and representing companies in competition law, industrial property law and copyright law, antitrust law, press and publishing law as well regarding publicity rights.


Joachim Ritter von Strobl-Albeg was born in Munich. He studied law and completed his legal internship in Freiburg. Since 1977 he has been a registered lawyer in Stuttgart. From 1977 until the end of 2019, he was a partner in the media law firm Löffler-Wenzel-Sedelmeier PartG mbB in Stuttgart. At the beginning of 2020 he became a partner at Derpa, Bender & Sigler PartG mbB in Stuttgart.

The focus of his legal practice is on competition law, German, European and interna-tional trademark law, design law, publicity rights in accordance with the German Copy-right Act realting to Artworks and Photography (KUG) and the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO), copyright law including film and photography law, press law, pub-lishing law and antitrust law.

Professor Ritter von Strobl-Albeg advises companies and advertisers, including well-known influencers, on all issues relating to competition law, companies on issues re-garding the protection of trade secrets and prosecution for breaches of competition and labour law protection of trade secrets. He advises companies, advertising agencies and designers on questions of competitive protection against the imitation of products or services and enforces the claims of the rights holders against plagiarists and so-called free-riders.

In addition, he advises companies and persons who have to refrain from making certain advertising claims, using trademarks and business names or making statements as a result of a court or contractual prohibition, on the obligation to remove the claims from the Internet and search engines and vice versa, on the prosecution and enforcement of the affected parties' rights by asserting contractual penalties and applying for court or-ders in the event of an unlawful failure to remove the publication.

He holds seminars and lectures on topics of competition law and press law at press publishers and associations.

In trademark law, Professor von Strobl-Albeg advises on the registration of trademarks at the DPMA, the EUIPO and the WIPO; he also represents the parties in proceedings before the respective authorities. He advises and represents designers and companies in filing and defending their designs at the DPMA and EUIPO.

He represents companies and the parties concerned in proceedings for administrative offences under antitrust law before the Federal Cartel Office and the Higher Regional Courts.

In particular with regard to his publications and teaching activities, Professor von Strobl-Albeg represents affected parties in and out of court in cases of infringement of their publicity rights in Germany and the European Union.


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